While there is no way to make time stand still, many people, both men and women, look for ways to turn back the clock when it comes to appearance. Wrinkles are often a noticeable sign of someone’s age. Some can be found around the mouth and are often referred to as laugh lines. Some are found on the forehead. But the wrinkles that tend to get the most attention are usually around the eyes. They can age a person prematurely and it can be tough to hear them called crow’s feet.

Once the wrinkles are there, Botox can help to diminish their appearance. A professional can target this area specifically and within a short amount of time, the wrinkles show less and less. This is an ideal solution because it doesn’t require any down time and isn’t nearly as expensive as plastic surgery can be. While it does require some maintenance, most people are thrilled with the results. The results, as well as the length of time that the treatment will last, varies from patient to patient.

In addition to decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, Botox also works to prevent that portion of the face from continuing to create the wrinkles, making them more pronounced over time. Instead, because this area of the face doesn’t move in the same way, it is possible to still enjoy a great laugh without worrying that the lines around the eyes are getting worse. For many, the benefit of decreasing the look of wrinkles and helping a patient prevent them from getting worse makes this a great product to try. For more information on minimizing lines around the eyes, check out http://makobiscribe.com/lines-around-the-eyes-ways-to-wrinkle-proof-your-peepers/.

The eyes aren’t the only part of the face that can benefit from Botox. Many patients go in for multiple injections in order to create the ideal results. Injections can be made in the forehead to decrease wrinkles and even between the eyebrows to smooth out a person’s appearance. The injections should be done by a professional. The pain is minimal and many physicians offer to numb the surface of the skin in order to minimize discomfort.